RE: Which is the license for the SIPL code?

Dear Luigi,

Thanks for your message and your interest in the SIPL code.

The code in the CERN SoC gitlab repository is free and open-source software that was developed by ATLAS L1CT, and for which we have not provided any license. It can freely be used for any CERN-related projects.

"SIPL" stands for "Serial Interface Protocol Lite" and is defined by PigeonPoint (nVent Schroff) in their BMR-A2F-ATCA Software Architecture. It is very much based on the "Intelligent Platform Management Interface Specification - Second Generation" in section 14 "IPMI Serial/Modem Interface", in particular, subsection 14.4 "Basic Mode" and 14.7 "Terminal Mode". PigeonPoint are adding a number of specific extension commands.
I do not think that, apart from those few additional commands, there is anything proprietary in the protocol, which essentially defines how to send and receive IPMI messages over a serial interface.

I am adding my colleagues Stefan and Markus in cc, who might want to comment.


Hi all

Does it make sense to make the ‘free and open source’ more explicit by adding a license of some sort? I guess w/o some explicit statement maybe there is some ambiguity about the status, and it is probably also beneficial to the project if an explicit license is used to guarantee that it stays open.



Dear Peter,

Thanks for your proposal. I am not an expert in software licenses at all. But in ATLAS on the open TDAQ software, we have added an Apache 2.0 license. Could that be a solution?