Re: TR : set sensor thresholds

Hi Julian,

Thanks for the information.

Do you think you could add this to the documentation or put the reply on discourse (whose reanimation you just announced)?


Hi Paul,

Your e-mail has been automatically pushed to discourse and the thread is available here:

However, as the discussion started before the discourse storage mechanism was set, here is a summary of the discussion:

Since the new release, you can change thresholds and keep the new values after reboot. Even if using the ipmitool dedicated command does not update the threshold in the SDR and still for the run, you can use a specific command that updates the SDR:

  • ipmitool raw 0x2E 0x32 0x0A 0x40 0x00 <sensor #>

The mask and thresholds order is the same as the one described into the set sensor threshold command:


For example, I implemented a sensor name “PayloadSens Ex.”, I used the ipmitool sdr get “PyaloadSens Ex.” to get the sensor ID and I executed the ipmitool command to update the thresholds: