Re: Is there IPMC Documentation for Standalone OEM commands?

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the list of commands. To my understanding, the ipmitool command has a netFn of 0x2e, and command code 0x0d.
To be certain, is it correct that this corresponds to the below row and it’s provided by PigeonPoint (and not created by the CERN IPMC team)?

Reset IPMC | 0x0D | Serial Debug
Interface | Reset the IPMC to a given
mode |

  • | - | - | - |

We are trying to understand if there is a way for the CERN IPMC usercode to know if it’s in standalone mode as CPPM and Saclay are interested in working with the LASP board outside of the shelf. It would be useful for the usercode to know if it’s in standalone mode so that the IPMC can modify the power sequence of components on the board for testing using USR pins.

We would like to understand this OEM command as it was tested at SBU with the ATCA tester board, and they saw no difference in function when sending this command while the board was powered inside or outside the shelf. It seems the command didn’t do anything for the ATCA board. Is there some prerequisite for using the standalone OEM command?

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