Re: IPMC Develpment Question

Hi Julian,

Mars has made good progress on the IPMC code for our tester board. The board powers up and we see it’s state status in the shelf manager. We also see the sensor data written on the console, and our routines to handle some hardware specific configuration are also done and tested.

We do have a couple of issues and a question. I expect the issues are somehow caused by simple things we’re not doing. Here they are:

  1. We see the ATCA mandatory blue LED turn on, but we never seen the ATCA red or green ones turn on, even when we see e.g., the M4 state in the shelf manager. In M4, the blue light is off as expected.

  2. We don’t see the sensor data, or evidence of the successful SDR info, in the shelf manager, although we do see the data properly on the console. Do you have any suggestion?

  3. We want to put our code in git somewhere. We can always put our new code in an ATLAS git repo (which would be a natural thing to do, but then we need to understand how to “copy” it in for compilation), but do you have a suggestion on the best way to handle the inclusion of our code into git and the interaction with the IPMC core repo?

Hope all is well. Regards,


Hi Julian,

We did find the sensor data in the shelf manager, so this problem (item #2 below) is fixed. Or more properly, understood. There wasn’t actually a problem.

But items #1 and #3 are still open questions.


Dear John,

Sorry for my late reply, concerning the LED, a new mechanism will be implemented in the new version:
   - Green led on when 12V is on
   - Orange led on threshold detection depending on the threshold mask set in the XML

Currently, as these two leds are not described by the standard, they are open to user customization and they can do whatever they need with. However, as it seems that they are not used, we guess that implementing such a functionality would be a plus.

Concerning the sensor, it seems that you answered your question, good.

And finally, about the project, we suggest you to fort the ipmc-project repo and start using your own git The remote compilation do not need any git repo to work. It compress your folder into a zip file and send it to the server.

Best regards,

Hello Julian,

    - Green led on when 12V is on
    - Orange led on threshold detection depending on the threshold mask set in the XML

Just to let you know that we are also interested in that functionality. Are there other changes foreseen in the next version? Is there an estimate when this will be available?