RE:IPMC “dead” after FW update

Hi Duc,

Do you have access to the serial debug interface? Do you see messages on this interface that could be helpfull to understand what is the IPMC status?


Hi Julian,

Apologies for the very late reply.

We have some interesting/surprising results after checking the serial port. Basically, the dead IPMC was replaced by a working one, so we could continue to use that mainboard. But following your recommendation to check the serial port, we connected it back and this time the board came to life again with previous versions (before the failed update). The only message from the serial port we got was " <E> iface_ipmb_send_message_ipmb: i2c NACK". After that, we re-programmed the "dead" IPMC with a new version (which we have been using on another module) and the board has been working fine since then.

So basically, removing the IPMC from the mainboard, operating that mainboard with a different IPMC and putting the dead IPMC back, sort of solved the issue. Have you ever seen anything like that?