Pow() function?

Hi all,

I need the pow() function from the standard “math.h” include to compute real values from PMBus DIRECT data format.
But it seems not available in the CERN-IPMC stack AFAIK.
Is there any equivalent from PigeonPoint that we should know about ?


Should I reimplement my own version ?

Hello Sylvain,

I have searched the entire IPMC source code and not found any file that suggests that pow() is available for user code.

Ralf also does not remember that a user ever had to use pow(). The real expert, Stefan Haas, will be back from vacation next Monday.



Hi Sylvain,

I did not even know that the IPMC was supposed to do floating point calculations, because this is what you are looking after?

I thought the floating point calculations were only done by the shelf manager …

Let’s clarify with Stefan when he will be back next week.


Hi Stephan and Markus,

With PMbus DIRECT numeric format, we need float computations indeed to get get the real sensor value X = (1.0 / m) * (Y * (10 ^ -R)) - b.
Anyway I coded my own function in the mean time.

Best regards,
Sylvain @ LAPP