New features in the core S/W


We have made some modifications to the core S/W in order to add some features.

  1. FRU LEDs

It is now possible to control the FRU LEDs from user code.
See user_mainfile.c for an example.
An example that illustrates how the FRU LEDs can be used in the power sequencing can be found in config.xml

NOTE: This use of the LEDs may interfere with the “override” and “lamp test” modes of the LEDs defined by PICMG.

  1. User header file

If you want to use your own symbolic names in the config.xml file, you can add the file “ipmc-user/user_defs.h” to your project and fill it with your macro definitions.

See user_defs.h for an example.

We wanted to set the red LED in certain cases of failure. When I, for example, uncomment the line

signal_t signal_fru1 = CFG_FRU_LED_1_SIGNAL;

compilation complains that CFG_FRU_LED_1_SIGNAL is undefined. Any idea which header needs to be included where this is defined?

apologies for the noise, this was due to user error and compilation is working OK