Management of non-intelligent RTM


For our project, we would like to manage a non-intelligent RTM. How do we go about this?
Can we use the pin groups assigned to AMC slot 8 to manage the hotswap controller of the non-intelligent RTM?

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Hello Fatih,

the XML scheme currently only supports intelligent RTMs (like AMCs). However, the PigeonPoint software framework also provides support for non-intelligent RTMs, but we have not yet used this feature. We do however also have a module being designed now where we are planning to use a non-intelligent RTM.

You can indeed use the signals from AMC slot 8 for the hot-swap controller. However, the non-intelligent RTM needs some additional signals, since the IPMC now must take over some of the functions that are handled by the MMC on an intelligent RTM. These are the following:

  • Handle switch on the RTM
  • Blue LED enable
  • Other FRU LEDs (if required)
  • Reset signal to the RTM (if required)
  • An I2C EEPROM on the RTM for the FRU information. It may be possible to use the EEPROM on the main blade for this, but we would have to double check this if it is of interest.

You can use any of the USR or IPM I/O signals for the additional signals. Let us know if you have any questions.


Hi Stefan,

Just to clarify things regarding the non-intelligent RTM, we can therefore use the AMC slot 8 signals to manage the Hot-Swap controller. My question is, are we able to use IPMB-L signals from the AMC slot 8 to read/write EEPROM on the non-intelligent RTM, and how do we proceed to define this non-intelligent RTM in the IPMC code?



Hello Faith,

yes, you can use the hot-swap signals from AMC port 8 for the non-intelligent RTM, have a look in the hardware guide here on page 6:

Also connect IPMB-L to the RTM through a. hot-swappable I2C buffer as shown there. On the RTM you should connect the EEPROM and any I2C sensor devices you may have to this bus. And you also need the addition signals I mentioned in my previous message (handle switch, blue LED, etc).

As I said previously, the XML scheme does not yet include the settings for non-intelligent RTMs, this still needs to be added. However, enabling support for these in the Pigeon Point software framework only requires some #define statements. If you need a working IPMC firmware urgently, we can work with you to tailor these to your needs until the XML support is ready.

Having said this, I am currently on vacation (until end of July), however I’m sure Markus or Ralf can assist you if needed.