IPMC not using DHCP for IP configuration

Dear All,

We have our IPMC configured to use DHCP for obtaining the IP address configuration, however it is always using fixed IP address ( It doesn't send any DHCP packets.

Attached is the boot log and the configuration we are using.

Could you please have a look and check if there is something wrong?

Many thanks!

Best regards,
Ulf & Petr

(Attachment IPMC-boot-log.txt is missing)

(Attachment config.xml is missing)

Hello Ulf & Petr,

did you use static IP for the previous firmware flashed on the IPMC? If so, you may want to try setting the nonVolatileParams field in the XML to true, see here:



Hi Stefan,

Many thanks for the quick reply! We tested your suggestion and indeed, DHCP works as expected using Client ID.

The other issues we saw in the past (DHCP not using Client ID, MAC address all zeroes) are all gone.

Many thanks for your help!

Best regards,
Ulf & Petr