IPMC mezzanine embedded pull-up, network capacitors/resistors : HA and I2C (IPMB,SEnsor,Management)

Dear support,

Reading the Hardware User Guide, I understand that IPMB buffers/pull-ups and HA capacitors/resistors are mounted on the IPMC mezzanine so we can connect directly these signals to the ATCA connectors. Am I right ??

Is it the same for the 2 other I2C busses : Sensor_I2C and Management I2C ? Are the pull-up mounted on the mezzanine ? I did not read this information in your guide.

Thanks for your collaboration,


Hello Nicolas,

yes, you can connect the IPMB and HA pins directly to the ATCA connector, the required components are on the mezzanine.

Pull-up resistors (4.7k) for the Sensor_I2C and management_I2C busses are also on the mezzanine.