How to send state change event with the cause "Surprise State Change due to power failure"


On our board, we have a CPLD that manages the power payload in the case of an unexpected power failure, so we would like to send a FRU state change event from M4 to M6 with the cause “Surprise State Change due to power failure” (i.e., cause of state change value: 0xA).

How should this be implemented?

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Hello Fatih,

the PigeonPoint IPMC software framework does indeed support this, however we have never used or tested this feature, and it is not (yet) supported in the XML. It relies on having a signal (active-high or active-low) indicating the power fault connected from your CPLD to one of IPMC USR_IO or IPM_IO pins.

If you already have the hardware and want to test it, I can provide instructions on how to enable the feature.



Hi Stefan,

We have the hardware to test it. We are interested to have the instructions to enable this feature.