Fwd: FW: IPMC issue for upgrading software

Hello Shaochun,

thank you for reporting the issue with the Cygwin ipmitool build on Windows. This is obsolete since it is far easier to do this with Linux where ipmitool packages are availabe for most distributions. I will remove the ipmitool Windows section from the README.

Concerning DHCP, delivering the IPMC boards with a firmware with DHCP would certainly be possible, however this would require that the user run a DHCP server in their setup, which may not always be the case. I guess you only have an issue because you have an Ethernet switch embedded on your board? In case of a direct connection there is of cource no problem with a fixed IP address. In any case you can easily set the IP address of the IPMC to the value you want if the default value is not compatible with your network switch configuration as described below:

a) If the board is installed in an ATCA shelf, you can issue the following command from a PC with access to the shelf manager over Ethernet:

ipmitool -I lan -H -U ‘’ -P ‘’ -t lan set 5 ipaddr

You can of course also upgrade the IPMC firmware through the shelf manager, this will be slower than through the IPMC Ethernet port, but since this only needs to be done once per board to get DHCP working, it may be acceptable.

b) If the board is in a desktop configuration and you have access to any of the IPMC UARTs (e.g. the debug interface which you should always connect to a UART on your boards), you can do the following on the PC connected to the UART:

ipmitool -I serial -D /dev/ttyUSB:115200 lan set 5 ipaddr

This assumes a connection through a USB-UART interface chip, where is the number of the device connected to the IPMC. A direct UART connection should also work, e,g, from an on-board SoC.

After that you should be able to update the IPMC firmware using ipmitool through the Ethernet interface as described. Let me know if this doesn’t solve your problem.



Hi Stefan

Thanks for looking into that. Please see my replies in line.