Examples for Serial Payload Interface (PI) in CERN IPMC

Hi Julian,

As you know, we want to use the UART PI interface to exchange data from SOC and CERN IPMC.

Besides the documents under NDA ( Cern Authentication ) Is there any example about how to using this interface? I don’t know how to use it accurately.

I saw in the new version of CERN IPMC firmware, you have added such support. Have you test it with a example design?

Or do you know any group which has achieve such function in CERN IPMC? We can ask them directly.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Hi Weigang,

I thought I had already replied, but I couldn’t find a trace in Discourse. So, here again some information.

The Payload Interface of the IPMC can be used quite easily in “TM = Text Mode”, which uses IPMI commands in human-readable raw code between square brackets, e.g. “[B0 00 01 00]” for PICMG Get Address Info command.

You can find software in the ATLAS gitlab project IpmcSetrialInterface, at Cern Authentication. This if for use with Linux and cross-compilation. If you want to run the Payload Interface already during U-Boot, you can find some software in soc / u-boot-sipl · GitLab.

Hope this helps. Cheers,