DFS to CERNBox migration for cernipmc home folders

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We contact you in order to plan the migration of your account cernipmc’s home folders from DFS (\cern.ch\dfs\users) to CERNBox.
This is happening in the context of MALT and is mandatory. This migration will ensure that all your data will be safely preserved on CERNBox and is scheduled from 28th of March at 20H00 to 29th March at 06H30.

If you have any concern about migrating the data by that date, please reply to this mail.
A backup procedure task will safely copy all your user documents (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music) from DFS (\cern.ch\dfs\users) to CERNBox. Thanks to close all open documents before closing your session at the end of the working day.
Please note you should not edit your files over the night and all your sessions should be open again from the 29th to let the new configuration to be applied.

After migration, when you log in to CERNBox website, the directories’ structure will be the following:

  • Documents
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Videos
    If you log in on a WINDOWS machine the following folders might be created:
    ---- \Desktop
    ---- \Favorites
    ---- \Links
    ---- \Public

You should also see your data available using the usual Documents shortcut. If it is not the case please contact us.
Please note you no longer have WRITE access to your cernipmc account’s personal DFS folder (\cern.ch\dfs\users).

You can find more information on this process on https://devices.docs.cern.ch/devices/windows/dfstocernbox/.