CERN-IPMC Non-blocking Terminal Read & Serial over Lan


I have two questions.

I would like to handle user input through the terminal while the program continuously runs. For example, if I type “d” in the terminal, I would like for debugging output to appear. Obtaining the user input should be non-blocking.

Is this supported within the CERN IPMC? If it is supported, is there an example I can look at for obtaining user input? I understand you can obtain user input using TCP, but I am interested if this can be done through the console without ethernet.

I am trying to start a serial over lan connection using ipmitool. I have tried starting one through the shelf using the command below.
ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U “” -P “” -t 0x98 sol activate

I obtain the error: Error activating SOL payload: Unspecified error

Looking at the verbose output, it looks like ipmitool is trying to send data without prepending the IANA.

Sending IPMI command payload
netfn : 0x06
command : 0x3c
data : 0x05 0x00 0x00 0x00
Is there a way to use ipmitool for serial over lan?

What command would I run to start serial over lan for the CERN IPMC?
In my config.xml I have uncommented.

Kind Regards,

Mars Lyukova