CERN IPMC hardware documentation request

Dear CERN IPMC Support,

I’m currently evaluating XJTAG’s test solution for the LASP board.

To fully utilize the XJTAG tools, we want to use the JTAG connection on the IPMC board.

To do so we need to provide hardware information to the XJTAG tools.

Could you provide the following document :

  • netlist of CERN IPMC


  • List of JTAG component

Is it possible to share these documents ?

Shall I sign a NDA ?


Stephane Chevobbe

Dear Stephane,

Thanks for your interest in the CERN-IPMC :slight_smile:

I honestly do not know if the NDA also covers the access to the CERN-IPMC hardware design, and I we can share it at all. So far, we have used the NDA only to grant access to the PigeonPoint software.
I am investigating and will let you know as soon as possible.