Board identification

This posting is to clarify the status in which IPMCs will be delivered from now on and how they can be identified in-situ.

  1. FRU:
    We will write a string that identifies the batch into “Product Part Number” and the serial number of the IPMC into “Product Serial”. Note: The serial numbers restart at “0” for each new batch.
    Command: ipmitool -I lan -H -U “” -P “” fru
    Product Part Number : P2020002
    Product Serial : 0000 0019

  2. MAC address
    The MAC address of the IPMC will be set by us to a unique value as part of the test procedure. To read it, use:
    ipmitool -I lan -H -U “” -P “” lan print
    Note: In ipmc-user/user_oem_examples.c · master · ep-ese-be-xtca / ipmc-project you can find OEM functions that allow you to read (and write) the MAC address. Modify the MAC at your own risk!

    In addition to the address range used for the FRU information, the EEPROM contains a section for user data. We are using 18 bytes in order to store a copy of the serial number and the batch identifier that you can also find in the FRU (see above). Please do not modify these fields.