[#20191114150406] IPMC firmware update

Hi Karen,

Sorry for my late reply, please find below the replies:

1/ Concerning the 40 additional IPMC needed, please could you order them from the https://cern-ipmc.web.cern.ch/order page? Please find below the list of the 10 MAC addresses I booked for you:

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:1c

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:1d

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:1e

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:1f

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:20

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:21

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:22

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:23

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:24

  • 80:d3:36:00:40:25

2/ To flash the MAC address in the EEPROM and use it automatically at start-up, please could you follow the procedure described below:

  1. Flash the module with the following binary: https://espace.cern.ch/ph-dep-ESE-BE-ATCAEvaluationProject/PP_IPMC/Public%20documents/InitialBinaries.zip
  2. Send the following IPMI command to the IPMC: ipmitool-I lan -H -U “” -P “” raw 0x2e 0x52 0x60 0x000x00 MACByte[0] MACByte[1] MACByte[2] MACByte[3] MACByte[4] MACByte[5]
  3. E.g.: for MAC address 80:d3:36:00:40:1c, the command is: ipmitool-I lan -H -U “” -P “” raw 0x2e 0x52 0x60 0x000x00 0x1c 0x40 0x00 0x36 0xd3 0x801. Add in the XML config of your custom version.
    3/ I am still working on the sensor issue, I hope to bring a solution before the end of the year.

Please, could you tell me whether the MAC address flashing method works for you. I tested it on my bench but it was never tested by someone else.